7 golden rules of improving Wi-Fi signals, you did not know

A wireless router, Wi-Fi, most typically offers connectivity over a 100 feet range. But, it’s not always true and there are many things that decide the signal strength. Interference can be produced by lots of things. But, fortunately there are many solutions available that can help in improving the signal strength easily. These are:

  • It’s advised to position the router in the room’s center, as keeping it near the exterior wall will lead to half of the signal going outside your home. So, ensure it’s placed where walls, furniture, mirrors, and metal objects can cause minimal hindrances.
  • Changing channels can help, if you till now didn’t know, the router can broadcast 1 to 11 channels. So, choose a channel that presents the clearest signal. Configuring the system for an unused channel can help in enhancing its efficiency manifolds.
  • A beer can, can help, yes you read it right! There are some metals that can help in boosting the signal strength of your Wi-Fi router by acting like an omni-directional antenna, and it’s not an expensive expenditure, what you need is an empty beer can. This would mean sacrificing area covered, but improving the relative signal strength manifolds. You just need to do a little work, which is expand the can and make it resemble a radar dish.
  • Changing the device’s position at your home that can cause interference in the Wi-Fi signals can also help greatly. These appliances are the security alarms, cordless phones, TV remote controls, microwave ovens and others. So, buy a wireless network analyzer to know which one is the real culprit stealing the signal away.
  • Upgrading is another method of improving the Wi-Fi signal, where you can raise the transmit power, replace the antenna or install a repeater to accomplish this task easily. The Xmit power of your router can be boosted up to 50MW, but ensure it does not lead to overheating. The antenna can be replaced with a model that delivers greater power. A repeater, on the other hand, acts like a Wi-Fi network accelerator and is easily available at many offline and online stores.
  • Installing a second router can sometimes prove very helpful, where the secondary router must be plugged in the LAN port of the main router. The addressing info like gateway, netmask and SSID should be made same as the primary router and the DHCP of the second one should be turned off. The access point should be stationed at a long distance and where the Wi-Fi signal is weakest.
  • Updating firmware and driver is an easy means of improving the router’s performance. For this you need to check the website of the device manufacturer regularly, which can help in staying updated and keeping your router working at its peak.

Above mentioned are the easy steps of improving signal strength, but if you still need support it’s easily available with the remote computer Repair Specialists at many companies.

Just call on the computer tech support number and get an answer to any question causing hurdle in enjoying flawless PC functionality.