Google 15 shortcuts

Google can help in more ways than you can think, wondering how? Read through to know the 15 not-so-known features of Google!

Google, the ace search engine, which is being used by millions of people everyday, needs no introduction. “Google’ is a word that almost every educated person out there is familiar with. But, does that familiarity actually help in using the entire features of this search giant. The answer is a “no”, as there are few hidden features aka ‘gems for Google’ that are still unexplored and unknown among most users. Don’t know what these are? The list below will let you know, so read through…

1.      Calculator

This tool, which most overlook, is great not just to accomplish the basic math calculation, but to easily carry out logarithmic calculations. The Google calculator is familiar with constants like pi and e and the functions like Cos and Sin as well. And if you didn’t know still, this tool can even translate number into binary codes, try doing it yourself.

Google Calculator

2.      Conversions

Conversions, whether for currency, temperature or measurements, can be accomplished here by simple using the syntax: <amount> <unit1> in <unit2>, where unit 1 is the unit which you wish to convert into another unit, unit 2. Like 1USD in INR, 37F in C or 10 cms in an inch.

10 inches   cm   Google Search

3.      Site Search

Another of Google’s not so popular search features, it’s for easily getting results of a specific area and genre. It entails using the word ‘site’ in the search bar to get results only from that particular site. For example, “site:”, will get you content only from the Google website, isn’t this amazing?

site   Google Search

4.      Time Zones

Wish to know the local time and the time zone it is in, for any place? Just type the phrase ‘time in <name of the place>” and you will get the information. Keeping pace with time isn’t really that tough with Google to guide you.

time in florida   Google Search

5.      Specific file search

Ideal for users looking for files in formats like PDF, Word and more, where you just need to type- <search phrase/keyword>file type: doc/pdf” and press enter. You will get results for file only in this particular type, so no browsing unnecessarily through the doc files, when pdf is what you are searching for.

us history filetype pdf   Google Search

6.      Translations

Translating words into any language you wish can now be done with few simple clicks, so just type the intended word you wish to translate into the language you want and you will get an instant result.

translate young to spanish   Google Search

7.      Local movie show search

No more searching the newspaper, as it can be done via Google. So, next time you plan a movie and wish to check the time and location. Just type film/movies followed by the postal code. For users in UK, it will just give results for town or city, but for US it’s a more detailed track displayed depending on your zip code.

movies 12457   Google Search

8.      Know weather forecast

Wish to know the weather forecast for the place where you live or are soon visiting? Try this feature from Google, where you just need to type the name of the place followed by forecast and you will get a detailed weather forecast for today on your screen. You can know humidity, precipitation, wind levels, as well as forecast for the coming week, based on data obtained from The Weather Channel.

new york forecast   Google Search

9.      Know Flight Status

Typing in a flight number in the search bar will lead you to details about the flight status, depicting its departure and arrival details. So, you no more need to check this with your travel agent, when you now have Google to do the needful.

UA 123   Google Search

10.  Know Public Data

You can now know about the unemployment rate, population and more such data for any city or country by typing population/unemployment followed by the name of the place. What you would get as results is the answer in figure and a 10 years graph on your screen.

population china   Google Search

11.  Exclude unnecessary search terms

When entering search terms that have a second meaning, you can now keep the irrelevant searches away by simply typing the “-“ sign. So, if you wish to search for ‘canada’ where USA is not used, type “canada -USA”.

canada  USA   Google Search

12.  Festival Search made easy

Google also allows you to type the festival name in the search box and it will show you the date of festival for the current year.

halloween   Google Search

13.  When doing Related Search

Sometimes you might need to search pages that display similar content, for this enter ‘related’ followed by the address of the website and get related results.

related   Google Search

14.  Get Definitions instantly

The Dictionary function on Google helps you get definition for any word or term instantly. So, just type- define: the word/phrase and get definition in a jiffy. Search made easy, while you getting freedom to know more, with Google Define.

define ambiguity   Google Search

15.  Barrel Roll

Google is not just for theory, but action, don’t believe, just type “do a barrel role” in the search bar and see Google obeying without protest. Just a piece of warning: this trick in Google is known to make grown-up squeal with joy!

do a barrel roll   Google Search

We now come to the end of this list, so if you have more such hidden facts about Google, just feel free to share and comment below, till then happy Googling!!!