Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows Vista, XP and MS Office

ShortCut keys for windows

Why take the long route, when you have a shortcut? It’s very common for us human beings to find an easy way out, even for doing difficult things. You can’t help it, this is human nature. Just taking this forward are Keyboard shortcuts, which help in making work quicker, easier and convenient. These shortcuts are a boon, especially for the people who rely on using the keys on a keyboard a lot, as many commands cannot get accomplished with the touch of your fingers. So, let’s just quickly browse through these shortcuts, which are making work easier and speedier. Your keyboard will now be the place to do half your work and that too in half the time.

Windows key plus* E: Use it to open Windows Explorer, but without first opening a browser, then typing and then entering and finally waiting to see results.

Alt plus Tab: This combination is for people involved in multitasking. Now toggling from one window to another will not require minimizing the current one and maximizing the intended one. Toggling between programs turns convenient and at your fingertips, with these two keys pressed together.

Windows key plus Tab: Exclusively for XP, scrolling items on the taskbar is what this blend lets you do.

Windows key plus M: It’s literally life-saving, especially if your boss just walks in with all your chat windows and email accounts opened. With this you can minimize all your open windows in a single click, leaving just the desktop exposed. Another quick combination, which you must remember if your boss can come up anytime wandering through the office, is Windows key plus D.

Windows key plus Shift plus M: This is for restoring back the closed windows in a single click

Ctrl plus Arrow keys: A useful shortcut for editors or writers, this helps in moving right or left or up and down in a Microsoft Word document, thus making reading through the text easier.

Alt plus F4: The combination, which functions similar to Ctrl plus W or Alt plus Spacebar plus C, this helps in closing windows in any program quickly. So, hitting that “x” (for close) on the top right corner can now be avoided.

Ctrl plus Drag: Copying a file turns easy, no need of first cutting and then pasting the same to the desired drive, just press Ctrl and drag it, it’s similar to a Ctrl plus C command.

Shift plus Delete: This is for deleting any file permanently, it just decreases the work of later on deleting it from the recycle bin, but make sure you won’t need this doc ever again.

Pressing Shift when inserting a CD: Using a CD, just when it’s inserted, is not something that you always do. So, now get the control in your hands by using this combination of keys by bypassing the Autorun.

Windows key plus Pause: A shortcut to getting to the Systems Properties menu, press these and you are there.

Windows key plus U plus U again: This helps you in quickly shutting down the computer with three simple clicks on the three keys.

Shift plus Arrow keys: This is for highlighting text in Word or a cell in Excel, to do this hold Shift and Press anyone of the arrow keys.

Ctrl plus Z and Ctrl plus Y: With Ctrl and Z undo a mistake or an action and with Ctrl plus Y redo this undo, in case you thought it was right.

Ctrl plus U, Ctrl plus B and Ctrl plus I: This is for those who use Office a lot, Ctrl with B will help to bold any selected text, with Ctrl plus I you can Italicize the same and with Ctrl plus U, the text can be underlined.

Above mentioned are just few of the many keyboard shortcuts that can help in turning your work more convenient and even saving you from your boss sometimes. So, learn them and of course start using them!

*Note the plus here stands for the addition sign “+”.