top 10 Tech Tips‘Have a backup of data stored in your computer ‘or ‘use more passwords while surfing the web’ are few advises most people must have given you always. But, do these advises really work? You must be wondering every time you hear them, about how these advises can help. Interestingly these routines, if followed appropriately, can save you not just bucks, but time and can even prevent your confidential info from going into the hands of scammers, in short, lesser frustration and more security in the long run. What these routines are would be your next question, right? So, read on to know what these are:

Audit your privacy settings on social sites regularly

Not all social networks are backed with foolproof technology where your security is concerned. But, staying away is not an option anyway, so what can be done? Follow regular auditing of your private settings, never just choose something because your friend and acquaintance suggested, know ‘why’ before going ahead.

Keep your computer’s hard disk in order

A desktop which is more like a jumbled up picture of icons pouring in from everywhere is a complete no-no. Try keeping things managed, as it makes not just locating things difficult but can also prove deteriorating for your computer’s speed. So, develop the habit of keeping the desktop organized, as unneeded files can mean not just wasting that useful space in something useless, but also making way for malware.

Costly doesn’t always mean great

Technology comes for its price but not at a price that it creates a hole in your pocket. Buying something just because it’s expensive and has been promoted with words like ‘ultimate’, ‘great’ must never be your aim, in fact refurbished can also mean a good choice.

A public Wi-Fi means being extra careful

A free Wi-Fi connectivity is always tempting and irresistible, but what that few minutes or an hour of free internet connection can ask in return is something you will not wish to experience. This is an easy way of opening your confidential info to scammers and loosening your security. So, try to avoid use of public Wi-Fi, but if still mandatory, turn off sharing and use SSL wherever possible.

Keep viruses at bay, they are never good

Viruses or malware are never good, so it’s always advised to install a good antivirus in your computer and try getting acknowledged about the myths that spread like rumors. So, don’t just get rid of the existing viruses but also ensure that no newer one can intrude in your system.

Stay away from tricks, scams and myths which easily spread on the WWW

News about scams, myths and hoaxes is of very common occurrence on the internet. So, never get carried away with these easily and until you are totally sure about there being true. Avoid getting trapped in such pitfalls and if you are doubtful about something, make sure your clear your doubts before proceeding any further.

A secured password does not ensure 100% security

Becoming a prey of hackers and spammers is relatively easier today, as these people have now become pros, so fooling them is not just tough but toughest. So, use passwords that are a mix of alphabets, signs and numerals and do not relate to you or anyone else in the family. Use modern day passwords and keep updating them regularly, also try avoiding the use of your passwords on public networks as much as possible.

Your computers too need maintenance just like everything else does

A little maintenance for your computer ensures it runs in shape, but handling it to someone just because this can save you some money is never a good idea. Online is the newest support, which can help you get easy tips on learning, what it takes to maintain your computer at its best. With guides and tutorials so easily available over the web you can yourself turn into your PC’s maintenance expert.

Your computer is not invincible to data loss, even this can face it

Having a backup of everything important stored on your computer is acting wise, as it’s not something that can never happen to you. Always keep updated on this front and never cling onto excuses that why it has still not been done. Start backing up and trust us you will be more than happy to have done this.

Develop a habit to Google everything

Google, the search engine giant, offers every piece of information you can think about (pretty much every piece!). So, develop the right googling skills as it can help you find relevant information about any tech issue easily and also keep updated about what’s happening on this front. So, speed and beef up your Google search practices to turn into a search expert and to remain aware and updated always, in short, Google your way to happiness and satisfaction.

The end command

Not really a command, but just an advice to help you become more tech friendly and to help you stay balanced on this front. Technical doesn’t always mean difficult, but learning it might mean so, at least initially, so happy being techhy!

So keep Coming back for more as you know technology today is fast changing and we know you’d love to keep pace with it.

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