Google Chrome features: which you thought never existed

Google Chrome, the ace web browser, is a favorite one for millions of users out there. So, for all you Chrome lovers, here are ten hidden secrets of this web browser, which you were not aware about.

There’s a built-in task manager: Ctrl+Alt+Delete, opens up Windows Task Manager, but Chrome has one of its own as well. If you didn’t know yet, Google Chrome considers each new tab as a new process, so, if anyone starts causing an issue, you needn’t close the entire browser but the only one causing problem. So, just go from Tools>Task manager by clicking Shift+Esc.

Pinned tab is a feature: With Google Chrome the Pin tab feature will help in locking tabs that you browse very frequently like email, Facebook, Twitter or more, these appear as small icons in the extreme left. This is great if you work on multiple tabs at one time.

No more cutting pasting URL’s in the address bar: With Google Chrome, opening URL’s from another browser or files can now be quickly accomplished by simple right clicking on the URL and choosing ‘Paste and Go’ or ‘Paste and Search’. So, forget copying, pasting and then searching, it’s an old thing now.

iPad visibility on your PC: Yes, with Google Chrome no need to wonder how that site would look on your iPad, you can see it right there. Just right click on Chrome shortcut on your desktop and search properties. Find “shortcut” and in “Target” field, just enter the text “C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe -user-agent=”Mozilla/5.0(iPad; U; CPU iPhone OS 3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/531.21.10 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.4 Mobile/7B314 Safari/531.21.10″ and Press OK. So, the next time you open Chrome. Your sites will appear in the iPad versions. But, make sure your Windows has a username given by you.

Generating passwords made easier: Do this at your own risk, by delving into the experimental lab of Google Chrome that is Chrome Flags. If your password manager is enabled, you can now generate passwords easily.

Know about the memory consumption: It’s not for the regular users and is a little geeky, but when accessing the “about memory” page, you can easily get details about the memory each process on the browser is consuming.

View all Tabs at once: Available only for Mac, this helps you in viewing all the opened tabs in a tile display. Just enable tab overview in “about:flags” to initiate this feature.

Control amount of info you wish to share: Here we are talking about the Incognito mode, which helps you in controlling the amount of information you wish to share. And also restricts the amount of info that can be stored about the websites surfed and more such activities. Amusingly Google does not recommend using the Incognito mode, but it can prove very handy.

Tabs stacking made simpler: Are you frustrated with the tabs squeezing in size on the top, till it gets difficult to identity, which is which. Opt for Stack Tabs, by clicking the Stacked Tabs in “about:flags”. This will prevent shrinking and the tabs would rather stack on one top of the other, if space seems less.

Make calculations easily: It’s for you if you think you are not good at maths, for this simply type the phrase 200/3.5; if you wish to know what 200 divided by 3.5 is and get an instant answer.

Above mentioned are the ten secrets about your beloved operating system-‘Google Chrome’, which you till now thought did not existed.

If you know about more such hidden secrets or facts, feel free to share in the comment box below.

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