4 not-so-known tools of gmailStaying progressive on technology is becoming difficult and the incoming new technologies have contributed in this thing, significantly. But, some people out there are still involved in making work faster and helping users stay more focused and organized. So, here is a quick tour of tools and tricks which if used aptly can help in organizing your digital life. Here we are focusing on the Gmail tools and apps that are still not-so-popular, but can prove very helpful.

Let’s know about the Gmail Tools

Gmail is a loved web based email service from Google that helps in organizing work a lot. Emails, calendars, documents, data can all be kept in one place with easy access and all-time availability, when using this tool. Your Gmail experience can get accelerated manifolds if you start using the below mentioned tools regularly.

ToutApp: It’s for you, if you are frustrated sending emails to a person and are still not getting response. Installing this tool will help you know that whether your email has been opened, clicked or the attachment has been downloaded. This is of great use to any person and especially for those in sales and marketing, sending canned responses and writing them turns simpler. There are a number of email templates available, which can save you from writing that same matter over and over again. Just click the drop-down menu and choose it and you are there, it’s this easy and simple!

Inbox Pause: This can help you stay on task, while putting pause on the incoming emails, which can be really distractive when you are in between an important work. The emails get hidden temporarily in a folder and continue to do so, until you unpause the activity. So, if in between a work and not in a position to see those distracting emails hindering your productivity, just set this for the ‘n’ number of hours you would be busy working on that project. It’s for you, if you are among those that get easily distracted, so try it now!

Rapportive: It’s always good to know about the person you are emailing, but if you have thousands of contacts on your contact list, accomplishing this might seem daunting. But, with the Rapportive handy, you can now know about the social repo of your contacts by just connecting with the profiles on different social networking sites through the simple Gmail address. Also, it’s a saver if you have a vague idea of someone’s email address and if you missed on that piece of paper where you noted the ID. You just need to type their firstname.lastname followed by @gmail.com in the TO field, the social profile will show up and you can check that whether it’s the same person you are trying to email the same at. Isn’t this great, especially for those important emails?

Boomerang: It’s for you if you write emails at the odd time and do not wish to deliver it right then and there. This tool helps in scheduling the messages, at whatever time you want in the future. Also, you can use it for those incoming emails as well, where you can clear the messages if you do not wish to read them now and get these returned in any date in the future. It’s especially great to keep track of those invites to events or functions, which have been sent almost a month in advance. With Boomerang you would now forget missing on those important dates and events, as its there to remind you.

The bottom line:

Above mentioned are just four secret apps of Gmail that are till now unexplored, but which can help in enhancing your email experience greatly.

To learn about such useful apps and tools for most other programs you use on a regular basis, here’s an attempt to make you aware, so keep coming back to know more!