WhatsApp Messaging Application Safe For Your Privacy

WhatsApp is a common messaging app found on almost every smartphone of half a billion population across the globe. The reason behind its vast usage is its availability on multiple platforms like Android, iPhone, Windows phone, Nokia and Blackberry smartphones. Also together with the mobile messenger application being supported on cross platform it allows exchanging messages amongst each other without having to pay as required for regular SMS messaging. But ever thought of your private messages being traced and thereby publicized while you registered your mobile number for WhatsApp?

The buzz that has created the news today is that although the developer of the messaging application ensures users privacy through advanced encryption technology the same does not seem to be true anymore. None of the stuff in the application whether it is the message, profile image, usage blueprint, online/offline status, message status and hidden last seen seems to be secured now. According to a recently released report all these information are susceptible to a recently designed tracer application.

Because of a security flaw in WhatsApp all users on it can be traced and tracked with simple software called Whatsspy, which has been developed by Maikel Zweerink, a present student of the Dutch university.

Maikel states: “Whatsspy, the web utility can be utilized to bypass the security settings built-in for maintaining privacy and setup by users. Once the privacy settings are bypassed the private information stored in the messages can easily be publicized. The application has been designed as a proof for determining that WhatsApp is broken in terms of privacy.” Thence, it can be established that Whatsspy tool has the ability to trace every move of any WhatsApp user.

Once a web server is setup by Whatsspy, anybody can trace the online/offline status, profile pictures, privacy settings as well as status messages. This is possible even if privacy options is set to ‘nobody’. The utility can even illustrate on a timeline that when and for how long the user was online. The newly designed tool also allows comparing the information of one traced user to another tracked user.

For execution of the tracer application it is just required to have another WhatsApp account registered with number that has never been used with WhatsApp, a web server, jailbroken iPhone or a rooted Android mobile or knowledge of PHP code. Moreover, the software developer has invited users to send in their phone numbers if they desire to have proof of the same, without setting up the server.

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