Gurgaon, IN. April 7, 2014

SupportMart Technical Services, a worldwide provider of software and tech support services, is pleased to announce 2nd April 2014, as the company’s third anniversary day. Founded in 2011, in New York, SupportMart’s contribution in resolving technical PC problems of users globally has no less than been commendable, during this short span of three years.

SM-Turns-3These three years have been a journey from beginning till enduring accomplishments for the company, which involved an array of activities from bringing it together, to doing it right. From finding the right talent to developing in-house tools and building satisfactory infrastructure for our workforce and clients, the company has been involved in all this, since inception. SupportMart has been into creating new partnerships, nurturing new talents and maintaining customer satisfaction that is top-notched. Our onsite support services have been a breakthrough for our growth and have helped us cater to the challenging technical needs of our clients across the U.S. and Canada more efficiently.

Looking back at our achievements, the company during this time has managed to turn the tech-support centre from a cost-centric set-up to a profit-generating contrivance. The addition of new and experienced technicians in our onsite support team has helped us in acquiring that creditable status among clients across US and Canada. Augmented resolution, enhanced satisfied customers was a result of our team’s expansion, with much more to achieve in the long run.

Introduction of our Reseller Program for tech support companies, proved to be an extending platform which helped not just us, but others grab an opportunity of a fresh approach to solving business challenges. The company during this time has accomplished many successful tie-ups and has added considerably to the product portfolio by turning Buy Online Tech into a complete e-shop, where every buyer can get their tech needs fulfilled. BuyOnlineTech is a leading e-retailer where people can buy a diversified range of computers, computer parts, peripherals, antivirus, software and warranty products. Our warranty products have particularly helped our end-customers experience contentment when shopping for tech products.

Our partnering with major Antivirus Brands saw a spree during this tenure, where we managed to add to our arsenal the most renowned brands on this front, taking our once pilot program to a fully-propelled feat.

From our tech tools front SMART, our CRM tool, has evolved as the most reliable power-packed automation tool with proven capabilities to enhance customer lifetime experience and has been a dedicated in-house support system to maintain a high CSAT and best-in-class customer experience. For future prospects, we wish to transform SMART into a complete SAAS platform and a globally deployed smart and innovative program which can assist in resolving complex business programs.

SupportMart is proud of its three- year track record for growth and sustained profitability, while delivering top-quality technical support services globally. At the same time we are forward-focused on the coming years and have significant plans to deliver considerable additional value to our clients and innovation in our industry, and a vision to deliver compelling new value added offering to customers.

In celebration of embarking on its fourth year of business, SupportMart has launched some really exciting plans. Also, there will be many initiatives throughout the year, to keep the celebration continued. Revolving around a customer-friendly approach always, certified technicians at SupportMart believe in delivering support for any PC product, irrespective of its brand, make, configuration or warranty. Over 2.3 Million service requests successfully addressed and a 93% first call resolution rate has helped us get at par with the industry standards. Our team’s well-shaped conduct motivates our clients to come back again and re-sign subscriptions and tech-support services with us.

SupportMart now houses hundreds of talented individuals working in different departments. The company is involved in maintaining a healthy work life for employees and keeps organizing events every now and then to keep our employees motivated, focused and opportune at all levels.

“SupportMart has undergone a tremendous transformation since the company was first launched”, as commented by the proud founder- Amitoz Singh. Adding more about company’s third-anniversary celebration, he said, “SupportMart has managed to acquire a brand identity in the tech support landscape, which reflects our global presence and the next era of success for our company.”

Moving forward with our plans for the next years, SupportMart anticipates expanding its business with innovations, new plans and strategic improvements. The addition of new plans in our fleet of services will definitely help in bringing for our users a rich and high-quality experience and will help SupportMart go that extra mile to acquire an edge in the competition.

In the celebration spirit, Ashish Khanna (President) said, “SupportMart has come a long way in this short span of three years. From a couple of team members to employee strength of hundreds, we have worked hard to nurture in our employees the right talent and spirit to work in the right direction. In this competitive environment, we wish to make our workplace better. Supportmart’s success is driven by its employees, who are the core power of the company and the loyal contributors.”