windows 8.1

‘Users running Windows 8 get a free upgrade to the new version 8.1 free of cost, via the Window Store’. This new promotional comment by the company has raised brows as to 8.1 being the improved version of existing Windows 8 line.

The makers comment that this new version entails a torrent of features and improvements that were missing in the older version. With newly sized start screen live tiles, altered search and multitasking facility and come back of desktop start button, alongside a totally revamped Windows Store, this one’s actually good. There is an upgrade of the core apps too with the Mail now resembling closely the interface. The music app too has a new line. The OS is now more suited for the small screen size tablets. Microsoft while working with third-party developers believes to have won over the biggest flaws of its OS, which is the lack of high-quality apps. The most relevant in this front is Facebook and the company has launched its first ever Windows Store app too.

The revamped OS version is being anticipated to win back the lost fan base of Windows with its block full of updates, user friendly features and other add-ons.

How to get this?

The Windows 8.1 is now available for a free download and can be easily downloaded by any person using the internet. The users need to begin by upgrading to the newer version. It goes imperative if you are still the ones using XP or older ones. For those ready to spend bucks, the hard copy of this new version is now available on stores.

Microsoft in an attempt to camouflage issues users faced with Windows 8, with its new member has symbolized the company’s commitment to remaining on the path of continuous improvement and innovation. An amalgamation of desktop with modern experience, this one is surely an upgrade and as the initial review says, it’s going to be positive.

Be your own judge

So, why believe what others are saying, see for yourself and go ahead and update for free today. Don’t worry if the download or upgrade version is not functional just now, as every country does not has the download button active still, but it will happen soon. So, for all those running Windows 8 it’s going to be a free upgrade, but for others using the older versions, it’s going to be a little expenditure, as remember good things never always come for free.

So, for all 8 users happy upgrading and for all others happy spending!

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