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Browser support

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Browser Support

Although many web browser programs are available for free download, the most popular web browser programs are few in number and include – Internet Explorer from the Microsoft, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera web browser, and Apple Safari web browser. Users of web browsers often face some issues with their installation and use. Technical experts at SupportMart offer the third-party browser support service for all types and versions of the web browser programs available.

Common Issues with Web Browsers

Here, below are listed some of the frequently reported issues and errors with the installation and use of various web browser programs –

  • Problems in installing a web browser.
  • Trouble in upgrading an older version of a web browser to the latest browser version.
  • Trouble in configuring the settings of a browser.
  • Web browser program installer hangs after running for few minutes.
  • Difficulties in using Adobe Flash player in a web browser.
  • Web browser crashes on shifting between tabs.
  • Web browser stops working or hangs after opening a specific website.
  • Web browser is taking a lot of time to open any website after installing an add-on software.
  • Printer fails to print any web page from a web browser.
  • Difficulty in installing and using Java in a web browser.
  • Trouble in installing add-ons or plug-ins or extensions for a browser.
  • Difficulty in viewing images on a web browser.
  • Internet Explorer web browser’s Microsoft Silverlight add-on is causing problems.
  • Extensions for Google Chrome web browser are slowing it.
  • Some web sites are not opening in Opera.
  • Antivirus software is blocking installation of a browser.
  • On opening a fresh window of Internet Explorer browser, the home page gets changed to another website.
  • Unable to reset a web browser program to its default settings.
  • Internet connection is fast, but web browser is very slow.
  • Difficulty in uninstalling a web browser software.
  • Difficulty in reinstalling a web browser.

Browser Technical Support From SupportMart

SupportMart’s browser tech support service is always-on – 24/7, around the year. Our technicians offer instant support service for all versions of web browsers includes support for browser add-ons or plug-ins or extensions.

Give us a call on browser support phone number: 1 800 793 7521 to avail support.

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