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Dell Support

Since 1984, Dell computers are empowering our homes and offices. Dell desktops, Dell laptops, printers, etc. are deployed globally. If any of these products is not working properly, you need an adept third party Dell technical support service provider. SupportMart has a dedicated online support staff for troubleshooting software related problems with all Dell products.

Common Problems Faced With Dell Products

  • Trouble in installing a Dell product.
  • Trouble in optimizing the settings of Dell desktop or laptop.
  • Error messages like notification in Windows stating that there is an issue with the network connection.
  • Although connection to the Internet is active, but still unable to view any web pages in Internet Explorer web browser.
  • After logging in a Dell computer running Microsoft Windows, the computer becomes non responsive.
  • Windows cannot start and shows error messages like Windows has detected a problem and has been shut down to prevent damage to the computer.
  • Unable to upgrade windows 7 operating system to Windows 8.
  • Driver software for graphic card is not working.
  • Trouble in installing and setting up an email client.
  • There are a lot of viruses in the system folders.
  • Firewall software is not working.
  • On the screen a message splashes, which reads that the Boot Configuration Data file is missing some necessary information.
  • Unable to connect a scanner to Dell desktop.
  • Dell computer freezes on opening more than 3 applications simultaneously.

Dell Support from SupportMart:

SupportMart’s top notch remote support for Dell products like laptops, tablets, desktops, printers, etc is provided to you through certified technicians trained in providing Dell tech support. By accessing your PC via the Internet, any issue concerning Dell products can be resolved in a matter of few minutes.

  • Optimization of the settings for a Dell product to boost its performance.
  • Service includes upgrading software to the latest version.
  • Installing and setting up software and applications.
  • Online virus removal.
  • Fast resolution of any issue related to software including hardware drivers.
  • Round the clock online tech support

Call us on our Dell customer support number: 1 800 793 7521 to avail support for your dell products.

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Call (800) 793 7521

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