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SupportMart, the leading technical support provider, offers FREE DIAGNOSTICS of all computer related problems.

Disclaimer:- SupportMart is an independent provider of technical support services for various third part brands and does not own any of the brands we support. Use of names, trademarks is for reference only. The service we are offering is also available with the brand owners or on manufacturer's official website. Call now to get instant access to tech experts.


Q.1 What is supportmart.net?[+]

A. SupportMart is an online technical support provider, which provides computer support at home and to corporate customers at an affordable price with high quality of service. SupportMart provides unique service when compared to other PC repair services, since customers will not be charged until the computer problems are fixed.

Q.2 Why Only SupportMart?[+]

A. SupportMart has the Microsoft Certified and experienced technicians, who’re available 24x7 to deliver first call resolution for all the computer related issues. More than 95% of our customers are satisfied with our services. We offer dedicated technicians to troubleshoot your computer problems and provide you instant online access to your techs.

Q.3 Who is a Tech Support Engineer?[+]

A. Tech support engineer is an experienced desktop & home networking engineer helping you in technical needs. SupportMart is very choosy in selecting tech support engineers to resolve any type of computer issues without wasting too much time and providing relief to the customers instantly

Q.4 Is it safe to use Remote Access?[+]

A. It is absolutely safe to use remote access with SupportMart as it is one of the inevitable tools required for providing computer service. You are free to stop the remote access anytime during troubleshooting process without any trouble.

Q.5 Who should use SupportMart?[+]

A. Computer users from the rest of the globe can avail our technical support help through Email or Chat. Any customer who is looking for an affordable technical support with excellent quality of service should use SupportMart.

Q.6 What service does supportmart.net offer?[+]

A. We offer services to resolve all types of PC problems including most critical problems too, which may be Operating System Support, Internet Setup Support, Virus Removal Support, PC Security Support, Software Support, Computer Optimization support, are just few from the list.

Q.7 What are your hours of operation?[+]

A. Our online support hours are available 24*7.

Q.8 How does Remote Desktop Solution Work?[+]

A. The customers and the computer tech experts connect through LogMeIn. It is absolutely safe and secure, and it is used by a good proportion of users from around the world. Our computer tech experts will connect to your system and fix your computer issues.

Q.9 Will I wait on hold?[+]

A. We give lot of value and importance to our customer’s time and money. Our customers can leave a voice message while waiting to connect to our telephone technical support engineer and expect a call back as soon as possible. Please mention your name, Email ID, call back number, and issue description without fail.

Q.10 What are all the products supported?[+]

A. We provide computer support to all PC operating systems, applications and networking devices.

Q.11 Do you provide support for complex Microsoft related issues?[+]

A. We have great admiration for Microsoft. Microsoft is a wonderful, user friendly, and most widely used product in the world today. We handle more number of Microsoft related issues when compared to other products and turned ourselves into Microsoft technical support experts. All of our customers are glad to have availed our tech help especially for Microsoft support and Windows support, and our testimonials are a proof for that.

Q.12 What are the modes of contact?[+]

A. Our online technical support services include phone technical support, Email support, and Chat support.

Q.13 Is it safe to give my information to SupportMart?[+]

A. We have opted for a secured environment and follow the best security standards. Our customer details will not be shared with anybody under any circumstances.

Q.14 What happens when I leave a Voice Message?[+]

A. Once you leave a voice message, our next available agent will give you a call back to the number mentioned in voice message to provide computer help and troubleshoot your computer issues.

Q.15 Do you track or record of all of my interactions, cases and troubleshooting at my computer?[+]

A. Yes, we keep record of

  • all the emails sent by you to us
  • all the emails sent from our technicians or other employees to you
  • all the calls received from you
  • all the calls from our executives to you
  • all of the remote sessions, phone calls, and chat session to help you

Q.16 Do you have certified technicians?[+]

A. Our technicians have certifications from their opted brands like Microsoft, HP, Dell, etc. These certifications are either obtained by giving the brand certificate examination or working in their support departments.

Q.17 What all brands do you support?[+]

A. SupportMart offers technical support for almost every brand manufacturing computers, accessories, and devices. Dell, HP, Lenovo, Microsoft, Sony Vaio, Gateway, Toshiba, Acer, Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, Apple, Google, Xerox, Kodak, Nikon, Canon, Lexmark, etc. are the few to be named off.

Q.18 What is the Standard Work Process do you follow to resolve technical issues?[+]


  • Identify the computer related problem and its affected applications or devices
  • Finding out the exact cause of the issue
  • Diagnosing the computer problem
  • Informing the problem, its cause, and to do action plan to the customer
  • Starting the troubleshooting with necessary permissions
  • Resolving the computer problem permanently
  • Providing suggestions to avoid the same problem in future

Q.19 What are the different problems for which I need your assistance?[+]


  • First Time Setup of computers, hardware components, software, antivirus, etc.
  • Installation of any software application or hardware component
  • Installation of devices like Printers, Scanners, Digital Cameras, MP3 Players etc.
  • Troubleshooting all the software and hardware related issues
  • Fixing the problems with Windows Updates, Language Packs, and Service Packs
  • Troubleshooting the printer related issues
  • Providing support for scanner and digital cameras
  • Troubleshooting of MP3 Players like iPod, Microsoft Zune, Zen etc.
  • CD/DVD Burning issues and queries
  • Backup and restore of your data
  • Creating System Restore Points and Windows Restore Discs
  • Computer Optimization to revamp its speed
  • Removing virus and spyware infections
  • Maintaining and updating the security software like Antivirus, Firewall, Antispyware etc.
  • Technical Consultation to select the right device, application, security, antivirus, computer, and other things
  • Setup, configuration, maintenance, and troubleshooting of Local Area Network and/or Wireless Network in home or office

Q.20 Do I get support for old computer and devices?[+]

A. Yes, we offer support for both new and old computers, devices and applications. We also support the Windows 98, Windows ME, and Windows 2000.

Q.21 How long will it take to fix my computer related issues?[+]

A. Our Average Handling Time is only 20 to 45 minutes. Still average time to resolve a problem depends upon different factors such as

  • Internet connection speed at your side
  • Performance of your computer
  • Nature of the problem
  • Troubleshooting involved
  • Time taken to respond to the technician

Our technicians will first analyze the problem, find out its exact cause, and then inform the estimated time to resolve it.

Q.22 What to do when the problem doesn’t get fixed in promised time.?[+]

A. Few problems need more than estimated time. Our technicians will inform you about more time required when the promised time period expires. Now, you have to decide whether to continue with the troubleshooting or not. SupportMart is not liable for any charge, claim or refund if your problem doesn’t get fixed in technicians’ prescribed timings because the average handling time depends upon above factors

Q.23 What to do when the problem remains unresolved?[+]

A. If the technician is not able to resolve your problem then it will be escalated to the expert department for immediate action. An appointment will be booked with you for scheduling their callback. The technician will inform you about the available slots with the experts and you can select anyone per your convenience.

Q.24 Do you provide Technical Support on Dial-up connection?[+]

A. Yes, we support remote-based Technical Support on 56kbps Dial-up Connection but there will be some limitations. The remote session will work slowly due to low Internet connection speed. Also, if you’ve single phone line for both calling and Internet then you can communicate with us only through one channel either Phone Support or Remote Support

Q.25 Do you send a technician to fix the problem at my home or office?[+]

A. We are not offering this facility right now as a part of our service or plan. However, we are continuously planning ahead to look out more opportunities to help you with our tremendous services. As soon as we start this facility we will keep you informed.


Q.1 Is the Services Guaranteed?[+]

A. All the services at SupportMart are guaranteed. The customer has all the rights to call back supportmart.net and reopen a ticket within 7 days. The customer can raise a refund request within 5 days if the problem is not solved after reopening a ticket. Please note that our senior computer tech support engineer will do a fundamental check to validate the refund claim.

Q.2 How do I pay for SupportMart Services?[+]

A.The first step is to register and create an account with SupportMart and then you can call, Email or Chat with our tech support engineers to fix computer or troubleshoot any issue. Once the problem is fixed, the customer will be charged online. We are constantly working towards making our customer support experience as simple as possible.

Q.3 What plans do you offer?[+]

A. We offer following plans,
Per Incident Plan – Get technical support for resolving only one issue with one computer, its OS, applications or devices
PC Tune-up Plan – Get your computer optimized to revamp its speed.
Click here for more information.

Q.4 How much devices do you support within a plan?[+]

A. Pay Per Incident Plan includes only one computer and remains alive for one issue with computer, its OS, application, or any device.

PC Tune-up plan includes only one computer, Windows OS, and one application of each type

Q.5 If I change my computer then will you support it?[+]

A. On buying a new computer you can either buy a new plan for it or transfer the existing plan to it. On transferring, the old computer will not be supported at all. Plan Transfer can be done only once in one support period.

My Account

Q.1 How my account is created with SupportMart?[+]

A. When you purchase a Support Plan with SupportMart, we will create an account for you to access your profile, services, and other details online.

Q.2 What are the credentials of My Account?[+]

A. The email address, provided to our executive while purchasing a plan, will be your login ID. Our system will automatically generate a password and sends you the login credentials at the same email ID with the Welcome Email.

Q.3 Can I change my login credentials?[+]

A. You cannot change your Login ID or email address. However, you can change your Password.

Q.4 How can I access my account?[+]

A. You have to visit our Website – http:// and click on My Account button or visit http:///MyAccount/Login.php to access your account online.

Q.5 How can I change my password?[+]

A. You can login in the My Account and click on ‘Change Password’ button for changing your password. We request you to please remember the changed password.

Q.6 What if I forget my password?[+]

A. You can use the ‘Forgot your password or User ID? Click here’ link to change your password.

Q.7 What all can I do with My Account?[+]

A. With My Account, you can

  • check your personal profile and purchased subscription with us
  • send query for
    • upgrading your plan
    • add-on
    • Renewal
  • Check your Upgrading Cart and Add-on Cart
  • provide feedback for both Technical Support and Customer Care service
  • check latest updates
  • change your password
  • raise tickets to get help with Technical Support, Customer Service, Billing Desk, Quality & Feedback

Q.8 How can I submit tickets?[+]

A. Follow below steps,

  • Visit
  • Click on ‘My Account’ button
  • Login with your credentials
  • Click on ‘Submit a ticket’ button in the top right corner
  • Select the Department – Technical Support, Customer Service, Billing, Quality & Feedback
  • Click Next button
  • Select the Priority – Low, Medium, High, Urgent, Emergency, Critical
  • Type the message and your problem
  • Click Submit button.

Q.9 How can I download remote tool?[+]

A. Follow below steps,

  • Visit
  • Click on ‘My Account’ button
  • Login with your credentials
  • In the right sidebar, select ‘Windows Remote Tool’ for Windows OS or ‘Mac/Linux Remote Tool’
  • Save the file at an appropriate location
  • Install the file with the instructions given

Q.10 How can I ask a query?[+]

A. Follow below steps,

  • Visit
  • Click on ‘My Account’ button
  • Login with your credentials
  • In the right sidebar, select any option – Upgrade, Add-on or Renewal
  • Fill the fields – Subject and Details
  • Click on Update.

Q.11 How can I provide feedback?[+]

A. Follow below steps,

  • Visit
  • Click on ‘My Account’ button
  • Login with your credentials
  • Click on Feedback in right sidebar
  • Select the ratings for any department
  • Write any comments
  • Click Submit.

Q.12 How can I check replies of my queries?[+]

A.Follow below steps,

  • Visit
  • Click on ‘My Account’ button
  • Login with your credentials
  • Click ‘Ask Query list’ in right side bar
  • See the answered list.

Q.13 How can I change my profile?[+]

A. Call our customer care team to update or change your profile.

Call (800) 793 7521

(800) 793 7521