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Samsung Printer Support

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Samsung Printer Support

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Samsung Printer Support

Samsung offers economical printing solutions for home and office users. Printers offered by Samsung include Color laser printers, Black and White laser printers, Color Multifunction printers, and other multifunctional printers. If you are facing issues with your Samsung printer, then getting Samsung printer support service from remote technical support professionals at SupportMart is a prudent choice.

Common Problems Found with Samsung Printers

  • Unable to download and install driver for a Samsung printer.
  • Trouble in connecting printer to computer.
  • How to update Samsung printer driver?
  • SmartPanel feature of Samsung printer displays the error – Please install supported driver or port.
  • Unable to connect the Samsung printer via the wired network connection using the printer software.
  • Difficulty in adding a Samsung printer already connected to a network to a Windows 8 running PC.
  • After successfully setting up the printer on the network, trouble faced in configuring the TCP/IP port in Windows operating system.
  • Unable to use SyncThru service.
  • Unable to reset Reset SyncThru password.
  • Difficulty in assigning a static IP address to the Samsung printer connected to network.
  • Trouble faced in connecting the Samsung printer to a wireless network.
  • Printer fails to wake up when a print job is sent.
  • Not able to print a configuration report on a Samsung printer not having LCD screen.
  • Error message appearing which reads – Network printer status is not available.
  • Printer disconnects from the network after being turned off and turned on again.
  • IP address of Samsung printer changes frequently.
  • How to disable the SNMP v1/v2 protocol?
  • Receiving the following error message which says – Can Not Open Device Check.
  • Printer’s Print Spooler service is not working.
  • Unable to change port settings for printer attached to a computer running Windows operating system.
  • How to download and install Universal Printer Driver in Windows?
  • How to uninstall or remove a Samsung printer from a computer running Windows operating system?

Samsung Printer Technical Support Service

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