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Data Backup Support

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Data Backup Support

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Data Backup Support

Preventing the loss of data is not only vital for IT organizations but also for the home PC users. As the data stored on your computer is vital for you, therefore, performing regular data backups is very important. SupportMart offers inexpensive yet powerful data backup support service to keep your data fully safe.

There are three basic types of Data Backups. A full or normal backup includes the full copy of the entire data set on the computer. This type of backup offers the best protection, but it is highly time consuming and needs a large number of storage media. Because of its time consuming nature, this type of data backup is mostly used them on a periodic basis. The second type of data backup is incremental backup. Full backups are very time consuming, therefore, the incremental backups were added as a method of reducing the amount of time that it takes to perform a backup. An Incremental backup only copies those files that have changed since the last backup. The main advantage of incremental backup is that as fewer numbers of files are backed up daily, so it allows for shorter backup window. The main disadvantage of the incremental backup is that when a complete data restore is required then the latest full data backup and all the successive data backups have to be restored. This process can be very time consuming. The third type of data backup is differential backup. A differential backup is like an incremental backup in the sense that it begins with a full backup, and the successive backups only contain changed data. The difference between incremental backup and differential backup is that an incremental backup copies only those data files which have changed since the last backup whereas a differential backup copies all of the data files that have changed since the last full data backup was performed.

Data Backup Technical Support Service

A tech support expert from SupportMart will remotely access your computer through the Internet and will backup your data or troubleshoot any problem related to the data backup. Other features of our data backup tech support service are –

  • Setting up and optimizing the automatic data backup schedules.
  • Step by step guidance for manually backing up the data.
  • Restoring the backed up data.
  • Troubleshooting any problem related to data backup.
  • Helping in backing up of emails from Windows Mail, Outlook, and other email clients.
  • Helping you in selecting the best storage medium or device in order to backup your data.

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