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SupportMart, the leading technical support provider, offers FREE DIAGNOSTICS of all computer related problems.

Disclaimer:- SupportMart is an independent provider of technical support services for various third part brands and does not own any of the brands we support. Use of names, trademarks is for reference only. The service we are offering is also available with the brand owners or on manufacturer's official website. Call now to get instant access to tech experts.

Support Services

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SupportMart Computer Support Services Includes :

Quick Setup & Install
Setup, configuration, and installation of a computer, device, or application should be done adequately as any wrong step during this process can result into technical issues with the newly purchased product. Let our experts to help you in first time setup of,

  • Desktop & Laptop
  • Antivirus & Antispyware
  • Wireless Networking
  • Internet
  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Printer

Microsoft Windows Support
Windows is the largest used Operating System on this earth. Have Microsoft Certified Technicians to troubleshoot all the software and hardware related issues on your Windows OS. At SupportMart, we offer technical support for,

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8

Help & Repair
Are you facing problem(s) with your computer, its hardware components, devices, or software applications? Is your work being suffered with recurring technical issues? Then, take help of experienced and Microsoft Certified Technicians at SupportMart for,

  •  Computer and laptop repair
  •  Hardware repair
  •  Printer repair
  •  Software repair

Local Area Networking helps you to share the expensive resources like Internet connection, Hard Drives, Scanner, Printer, All-in-One Devices etc. and transfer the files between connected computers. However, if your computer gets disconnected from the network then you’ll not be able to use networked resources at all. It becomes quite necessary to fix the problem as soon as possible and get connected with network again in order to continue the work.

Are you facing problems in networking either through Ethernet wire or Wi-Fi? Then get help of SupportMart to get fixed such network issues on top-priority. We offer,

  •  Internet
  •  Wireless & Networking

Slow PC
Is your computer running quite slow? Does it hang any time while doing any work? Take help of SupportMart technicians to optimize your computer and we’ll transform it as it was on day one. We offer,

  •  Optimize PC
  •  Browser Optimization
  •  Online Virus Removal

Virus, spyware and hackers’ threats are increasing day-by-day with the rapidly growing technologies. It becomes quite essential to have full-proof security for your computer. The security software needs continuous maintenance and to the clock continuous working. If they malfunctions or get some loopholes then your computer’s security is at stake. Don’t get scare and just take help of SupportMart. We offer complete security help services including,

  •  Virus Removal
  •  Antivirus Support
  •  Spyware Removal
  •  Antispyware Help

Nowadays, the email is the most preferred way of establishing communication with each other. The intruders are taking benefits of this advantage and are targeting the users with phishing or scam emails. SupportMart offers following services to keep your email running and secure round the clock,

  •  Email Support
  •  Windows live mail support
  •  Microsoft Outlook Support
  •  Microsoft Outlook Express Support

Are you not able to connect with Internet? Are you not able to browse the Websites? Trust on SupportMart to fix the Internet-related issues on-time without any delay. Our technicians offer,

  •  Internet Support
  •  Browser Optimization
  •  Internet Browser Help

SupportMart Computer Support Service includes support for all computer related issues. Just call 1 800 793 7521 toll free and get the issue resolved.

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